D&G Motors have a dedicated team of technicians who are specialists in engine management systems. Diag_Building

Using a range of specialised diagnostics computers, machinery and vehicle test facilities we can provide a complete and through diagnostics service for just about any car!

A common failure of an MOT is the vehicle emissions test. We have the facilities to diagnose the problem with our range of diagnostic equipment in a speedy and efficient manor, with the aim to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

The electronic control unit (ECU) fitted to your vehicle should last the vehicles lifetime. But due to factors such as the weather, vibrations and power spikes they can often fail. Due to this common fault we offer an ECU testing service which can quickly identify any fault the ECU may have.

These are examples of the equipment we use:


MultiTester Pro

Our Autodiagnos Multitester-Pro can communicate with most European petrol injection and ABS equipped vehicles. Suitable for use on hundreds of models.







Sagem e-diag

The Sagem e-diag is our latest Multitester which can communicate with almost any petrol and diesel management system. It also operates with the other systems within the vehicle such as immobilisers, ABS, airbags and other auxiliary control units.





Snapon scanner

The Snap-On scanner is the industrial standard when it comes to basic diagnostics/code reading.
We have the full suite of tools which enable us to use this equipment on both older and modern vehicles.



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